dinsdag 29 juli 2014

The Ugly Yawner

Today's been the beginning of my last week at Superdry., well at least for now. As (almost) everyday we try to make the best of it. This actually means goofing around most of the time, but we do get work done everyday. Remember that working hard doesn't always mean that you've gotta stay serious (I'm just saying). We usually tend to speak English in different accents, such as Russian, German or French ones. We just love doing that. Another thing we really like to do is bringing up memories. I'm not talking about personal memories, but I'm talking about "old" sitcoms. Using quotation marks reminds me of Joey from Friends. I was misusing "air quotes" today too (completely on purpose), because I all of the sudden thought it'd be funny and I wasn't wrong.

Not only Friends was part of today's nostalgic bit, but also Family Matters. I just keep on asking myself why I had to go to the stock to perform my version of "The Urkel". They kept asking me to do it again, but I promised myself to keep it to that one (and last) time. Well, maybe I should do it just one more time for the nostalgic kick. Besides, it sure looks cool the way the others do it, so it's perfectly possible that I might look just like them doing The Urkel. And I just have to mention that almost all of the boys look like young versions of Bill Cosby. To be honest, I'm quite a fan of it because I tend to look like Bill Cosby too sometimes. Although that's what my dad says when I wear an oversized sweater. 

And from Family Matters we hopped to Full House. And I sure couldn't deny that I had a huge teeny tiny crush on John Stamos, or Jesse in the series. With his dark hair, blue eyes and James Dean-inspired bad boy look he sure knew how to charm the 7-yearold me. I'm quite sure I wasn't the only one who fel for the man with the Elvis Presley obsession. He must've broken lots of girls and woman's hearts. Actually I think he still is, because I just saw a pic of him and now I'm pretty sure he still knows how to break hearts. 

What actually surprised me today was the fact that a girl who is one year younger than me didn't know what we were talking about. She really didn't have a single clue. It's pretty weird because she's like a few months younger than I am (I was born in October so it's perfectly possible). Oh well, I'm just gonna have to embrace that fact. Unfortunate for her she didn't get all the jokes we were making. 

Please, enjoy these pictures of my outfit I took while waiting for the bus at the bus stop (of course...). Photographing is a better thing to do than just standing in the rain and yawning like some idiot who didn't get enough sleep (ugly!). So yeah, I didn't take any pictures including my face, just the outfit. 

Thank you, and take care. 

Blazer / Zara
Top / Armor - Lux (vintage)
Jeans / Zara
Creepers / T.U.K. Shoes
Belt / Versace (vintage)
Umbrella / Zara
Nails / Rimmel London

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