woensdag 23 juli 2014

Long time no write | The Pink Affair

Oh gosh, this sure feels pretty weird. After more than a year without writing a single word on this blog I've finally come back. It feels awkward yet good at the same time. Oh, how I've missed writing text in this huge white surface (only few may understand what I'm talking about). The only writing I did was in notebooks (how I adore notebooks). Well, reasons why I didn't blog at all the past year is because I tried to focus on my studies (like mommy told me). And I guess I focused too much on them because at a certain moment I just didn't feel inspired when it comes to fashion. It almost fell like I didn't know who I was or what I wanted to wear to tell people that this is me. After all, I've realized that I still may not know who I am and that's why I can still wear whatever I want. Cheers for being the eclectic me!

This month I found out something about myself lots of people wouldn't except from me or would even hate: I LOVE PINK! Yeah, I know. Strange, isn't it? I used to be a pink hater myself, but pink makes everything look so good (sorry to all the pink-haters who had to read that).  So yeah, I bought two pink jackets at Zara (where else?). And besides, it's not like they're Barbie-pink; one of them is salmon pink and the other one is soft pink. So nope, I won't be walking around like a brunette version of Barbie. I'll post some outfit pictures later on (I'm not quite sure when), because it's like 28 degrees over here (hot, hot, hot!). Wearing a coat is pretty much superfluous. For now I'll just keep it to this collage which is a tribute to my affair with the bubbly color of pink (there ain't no denying: everybody looks good in pink).

Before I leave I want to let you guys know that I'm pretty active on my Facebook-page. So if you want to you can just go ahead and like it if you want to see more of Not So French Fries. I post pictures everyday of things that inspire me and also a song for every day. You can find the page just by clicking here.

Thank you, and take care

And yes, I had to add the rollerskates. They're way too cool to not add them.

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