donderdag 24 juli 2014

Normcore - Dressing Down Instead Of Up

Last post I told you that I kinda wasn't inspired by today's fashion anymore (by fashion I mean today's contemporary fashion). Well, that's pretty much what norm core is all about according to me. It's sorta what a modernistic fashion style, almost to be called a movement. People just trying to put a clean and neat outfit together. Accessorizing is excessive. That's actually what norm core is all about, I guess. Few people say it's a new hipster movement but I hope it isn't. Not because I don't like hipsters, but rather because that means it would reach its height and then just become tacky. 

The "hipster beard" is a great example, even tough it hasn't that much to do with clothing, but it's style. At this very moment almost every man is walking around wearing a beard while most "hipster guys" are already shaving their beards off. According to some it's because it has reach its height and I'm actually one of those "some". And it's not that I don't like beards or something. It's just that most guys who've started sporting a beard are kinda "wannabe-hipsters" (they just go with the flow). 

Trying to stand out by looking as normal as possible. Pretty ironic, isn't it? Doesn't matter, almost everything carries a bit of irony in it (did I already mention that I'm a huge fan of irony?). I also like to compare this movement in fashion with a literary movement: Avant-garde and Dada. People, in this case fashionista's and fashionisto's, who think fashion has reached it's height so they start wearing ant-fashionable clothing such as Dr. Martens. The same happened in Avant-garde in the 20th Century. (Perhaps I'm thinking to far or just far enough. It's up to you to decide)

So what I basically like about norm core is its simplicity and minimalism. It's mostly about monochrome and I'm (really, really) found of black and white outfits. Besides it's easy to wear because you don't have to wear lots of layers to look refined. Logo-shirts are also back in the game because they make you look sophisticated. And last but not least, sport socks. Not only in sandals but with every shoe. In short, all the wrong things to wear are more than okay.

Oh, and it's not like I'm gonna be a hardcore norm core girl. It's just some style I'll wear whenever I feel like it. So it's not like I'm gonna make it my signature style or something. 

Thank you, and take care

Photography by Craig McDean
Styled by Edward Enninful
Source: W Magazine

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