zondag 10 augustus 2014

June All Over Again

It's has been August for 10 days already and I've spent half of them studying for my reexaminations (it pretty much sucks). Even though I don't really like the act of studying, but I do like learning (yes, there's a difference between learning and studying) something new. And of course I like to do it in a fun way. This basically means using lots of colors - mainly pink because it's the only marker that works properly - in my summary, using Japanese words when I actually shouldn't and adding some doodles. Well, I actually use those doodles when I don't feel like writing anymore and they usually end up in the trash when I've rewritten - keeping it neat - my summary on my laptop. And rewriting it on my laptop makes it easier to share with others, remember: "Sharing is caring" (I use this when my baby sister won't share her Barbies with me).

Another "study-habit" I've got is listening to music while studying. I know lots of you think it's the worst idea in the world, but it keeps me focused. Besides when you listen to music you won't have to deal with the noise around you (why do my neighbors have a dog?). To the ones who don't have to deal with barking dogs and lawn-mowing seniors: You, my friend, are one lucky potato. 

Something I'd like to share - sharing is caring - with you, my potato-friend, is a little playlist containing my most played songs of the moment. Even though it says "of the moment", it doesn't mean "music of now". I don't quite know how to put this right, but let's just say that there might be lots of songs people of our age - about 18 - won't know. But if you're about 18 and you do know these songs, then maybe you and I should become best friends or something (I'm just saying). So, I called this playlist "M A D o n n a" and I don't know why as I tweeted earlier. Maybe I'll know why I named it like that in the morning... Sometimes it just takes me a while why I give stuff their names.

So yeah, here's the playlist that keeps me focused while I doodle, write in pastels (you know, the BIC 4 Colours Fashion), mark with the only marker I own - don't wanna buy a new one because it's unnecessary - and rewrite to share it with the ones who also think that sharing is caring.

Thank you, and take care.

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