woensdag 20 april 2016

No Panic

Last semester I heard a co-student ask an extra-ordinary question: "Would it be okay for us to adjust the CSS so we can make blood drip from the top of the screen?"Apparently their paper's topic was on bad blood between Japan and China and according to them it'd be an added value. The professor was kinda shocked by the idea, meanwhile I was rather shocked by their potential skills: What?! They can do that? I also thought it was pretty odd they'd seen CSS so comprehensively, but apparently Informatics is currently taught by Prof. Truyen and Mr. Hans Coppens (my co-students will understand what I'm talking about). And because I followed that class the year before I only had Prof. Truyen who taught us more about Excel rather than CSS and HTML. I knew I had to work on my HTML- and CSS-skills as soon as possible if I wanted my paper to be as impressive, because - you've gotta admit - nothing can beat blood dripping from a screen. Soon I realized it wasn't gonna happen, me teaching myself more about CSS in a short period of time. And that's why my collective paper is a female blackbird (am I being too specific?) amongst a flock of paradise birds, but without the blood.

Even though the group paper came to a semi good end, it still felt like I had to improve my skills. But because I was doubting whether I was gonna need those skill in the near future, I didn't work on them at all. I WAS WRONG (don't worry, the capitals symbolize my sense of humor. In that first class of Methodology we discussed Markdown, Pandoc and Virtual Box. And there was me with a pained grin on my face. Markdown was something completely knew, but I already heard some (bad) stuff about Pandoc. Virtual Box was the one I was most familiar with and I've gotta admit I was pretty proud of myself for having worked with it once. Pandora though... When we we're working on the paper, Ada told me about Pandoc, but - as I said before - nothing good. She'd already worked with it once and that made her write a pretty ugly blogpost called "Blood, tears and strawberries!", which unfortunately isn't open for public. I thought those two periods couldn't get any worse until Prof. Vanoverbeke and Mr. Hans Coppens informed us about of assignment: rewriting the introduction of our paper. And there was me - again - with a grimace because I'd just told somebody I was so relieved we didn't have to work on that paper anymore. Luckily I wasn't the only one because the paradise birds didn't feel like it too.

So all of that means that I've gotta learn to work with HTML, CSS, Markdown and Pandoc - not per se with Virtual Box since I'm pretty satisfied with my current operating system and its applications - if I want to write an impressive paper. I'm the kind of person that like to learn new things - and somethings more difficult means more fun - so I'm feeling it. Actually I really want to start writing my Bachelor's paper because I've been wanting to do that since my junior year (looking like some freaky academic rn).

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