donderdag 12 maart 2015

I Tuck It In

Nowadays everybody visits the thrift store once in a while. Well, especially since Macklemore's extremely catchy song "Thrift Shop", which in my opinion is completely misunderstood. Don't be afraid. I'm not gonna diss on his song or secondhand shops where you can buy overpriced used clothing (everybody likes that, right?). I'm gonna save that little opinion of mine in my head, where it belongs, until somebody really wants me to speak my mind about this. But let's just forget about this because I'm getting of topic here (thanks to myself).

I must admit that I'm really fond of visiting thrift shops, second hand markets, yard sales etc. Mainly because I love giving items, especially clothing, a new home (my home that is). But from all places I like my dad's closet best. He has this drawer where he puts his old, according to him, worn-out and old fashioned polo shirts and jumpers. Most pieces in this drawer are approximately twenty years old, but they still look good, as in completely undamaged. Sure, the colors may have faded a little, but that's no problem.

I know I promised you guys something else, but yet again the weather didn't really suit my outfit (yes, it's not the other way around). Luckily the weather is improving each day, which means that I'll be showing you the outfit I've been dying to wear next week (I promise!). So, for this week I've put together this dadcore-ish, extremely normal look. Of course I'm also playing with a little irony in my outfit as I usually try to do. According to me the most funny part, which has nothing to do with that irony, is that I'm sporting pink nail polish which I'd like to call Pink Power Ranger pink. I added little silver dots on my thumb and ringer finger's nail to make it extra Power Ranger-like, but I'm not gonna show you a close up of my nails. Let's just say they aren't on fleek anymore.

In this photo I'm wearing a polo shirt by Lacoste from my dad's special drawer. I added the Polo Ralph Lauren cap, because it matches my coat so well. Also because my dad also wears a similar one and for this outfit I wanted to go completely dadcore. That's also why I decided to tuck my shirt in my pants like a real thug. I really think I'm one of the most unphotogenic persons on earth. Ah well, it's hard taking full body mirror selfies.

Thank you, and take care.

Coat / Zara
Polo Shirt / Lacoste (dad's closet)
Jeans / Light Before Dark (Urban Outfitters)
Sneakers / Nike Air Force 1
Backpack / Zara
Nails / Essence - Rimmel London
Cap / Polo Ralph Lauren

donderdag 5 maart 2015

Vegeta Vs. Versace

It's March which means we've hit the beginning of the end of the first quarter of 2015 (some sentence, right?). If I look outside I can see that the amount of joggers has decreased dramatically. I'm guessing this means that lots of people have given up on their New Years resolutions for this year (or they've all started hitting the gym?). Oh well, good luck obtaining that dream figure, which you're wishing for every year, next year. Whether I'm one of those people? Of course I'm not.

Mainly because I'm not the person who lives from year to year. Besides that I see my birthday as my own little New Year, which makes it okay for you to say "Happy New Year" on my birthday (does this make me egocentric?). So yeah, I don't live from year to year but I do have some kind of to-do list or bucket list. I actually don't know what's exactly on it since it's a mental list, like a list in my mind. It's hard to say what's on it, but at times I think of stuff I really want to do. One thing I've been thinking about for weeks now is the World Expo in 2020 which will be held in Dubai. What I'm most excited about and also convinced me to go is that Dubai is planning on making an artificial rain forest under the slogan: "Green is the new black." And I couldn't agree more on that one!

The past year I've noticed the growing influence and adoration of plants in subcultures such as Vaporwave and Webpunk, sometimes also called Netpunk. Up until now I didn't really have  Vaporware-ish fashion items, besides my Nike gear (white rain jacket and Air Force 1's). About a month ago I bought this cool Versace/Vegeta t-shirt online. When I bought it my sister asked me why I wanted it so badly. I explained that I want it because I thought it was a satirical piece of clothing. I mean, I love putting some humor in my outfits. Usually I do this by adding something childish like a Hello Kitty bracelet or a bracelet with colorful beads. Like allot of people my sister doesn't get it at all. She sees, like many, fashion as something that can only be used to make yourself look good. Of course it's okay to do so, but I guess that you won't get why I dress like I sometimes do.

Next week I'm planning on doing an outfit post with my new little gem. The reason why I didn't do it this week is because it's still in it's package. On the other side because the weather wasn't really t-shirtproof (yes, that does exist!). And I also didn't feel like doing that because I've started playing Neopets again; my Neopets are starving and I really have to take care of them.

Thank you, and take care.