zaterdag 20 september 2014

The Cut

Today was officially the last day of Summer 2014, which means we'll have to say goodbye to (naturally!) tanned skin and sun kissed hair, which we had to do a whole lot earlier here in Belgium. I might be one of the few who's not suffering from summertime sadness (typical reference to Lana Del Rey: check!).

The main reason why I'm not summer's biggest fan is that my hair gets damaged. And when I say damaged I mean VERY damaged; it's more than just dead ends. Luckily I've got lots of products which should help decrease that so called damage, but these won't work for my dead and split ends. I've gotta be honest with you all, there are lots of products that claim they prevent and/or even will get rid of your dead/split ends, but, as you may've already guessed, it's all lies.
Even though lots of girls won't like this, according to me (and most people) the best way to get rid of these is just to cut them off. And that's exactly what I've done last week.

Unfortunately - some might replace this with luckily - it looks like nothing has changed at all. I only "lost" like five or seven centimeters, but it's healthy again (actually I just lost the "unhealthy part", so yeah... Doesn't matter). As you may've noticed by the "tone" I'm writing this I'm not completely happy with my "new haircut". Mainly because I like something new and fresh once in a while and it looks precisely the same.

Since I'm quite fond of the 80s and 90s I also find allot of inspiration in hairstyles from those two decades. Many people, like my parents who "were young" that time, think I'm crazy when I say that I like those hairstyles (or other stuff from the 80s and 90s). Probably because they think that youngsters should "keep up with their time" instead of going fishing for trends from more that 20 years ago.

For example when I bought my Docs 2 years ago my dad asked me whether I was going for a New Wave look and wondered why I didn't buy myself a pair of Uggs instead (quite ridiculous). And when I bought my creepers last year he said: "Yup, my girl is a New Waver." He said that with a smile - or was it a grin? - because he thought it was pretty cool (I'm guessing he was a New Waver himself).

Now about the haircuts I'd really like to have and which I'm totally in love with (not exaggerating!). One of them is pretty short, like boyish short but I'm okay with that. Actually I've been wanting a pixie cut for quite some time (four or five years), it's all because of the short nape (LOVE IT!). And you know what's keeping me from getting one? Well, my mom of course. I don't know why but mothers just don't like it when their daughter wants a short haircut. Hopefully I can talk my mom over to let me cut my hair by Spring 2015 it is (give it some time).

Thank you, and take care.

Note: I've had lots of problems with the pics... As you can read on Twitter

maandag 8 september 2014

I'm No Barbie Girl

FINALLY! That horrible month of - not gonna mention that word, because I hate it - is over. Finally I can focus on other things again such as this blog!! Last month was the longest month ever, it was so tiring. Well, even though I'm enjoying my freedom at the moment I'm still pretty nervous and not completely at ease. This will continue until I get my results at the end of this week... No fun. No fun at all.

Hopefully I won't be as disappointed as I was when I saw the Barbie-collection by Forever21. I heard about it last month and I got all excited. Of course I was dying - I'm exaggerating - to get myself a piece or even several pieces from the collection. They said they were gonna launch it at the beginning of September, and they did on September 5th. So yesterday (apparently I wasn't that excited) I checked it out because I thought that I'd better do that before getting disappointed when visiting the store.

And guess what! I really got disappointed by this "exclusive collection". Well, I've gotta admit that I might've expected too much from Forever21. Even though I got disappointed there are still two pieces I like. Unfortunately both can't be bought in the European webshop and one of them isn't really "Barbie" (talking about the varsity jacket). I really love that jacket to be honest, mainly because of the sheer fabric which makes it look so sophisticated. And because I'm a sucker for monochrome clothing I can only talk good about the entire outfit.

By "being Barbie" I mean that they've just designed clothing without any Barbie spirit (cannot be explained). Such as that T-shirt with three Barbie dolls printed on it with the subscription: "I woke up like this." I'm sorry but wasn't it supposed to be all about Barbie? So step aside, Beyoncé!
According to me this T-shirt is a perfect example of a designer who's thinking economically rather than creatively which is such a pity.

You can't even shop the whole collection in the  European webshop. They're only selling two pieces, a bodysuit and a PJ set. I don't know... Perhaps the other pieces got sold out really quickly. But when I searched in the US webshop I saw that they've got the entire collection (USA privileges?). I'm just guessing that, when it comes to the webshop, Europeans won't be able to shop the complete collection. But I'm pretty sure that they do sell the complete collection in the shops.

Thank you, and take care.