dinsdag 29 juli 2014

The Ugly Yawner

Today's been the beginning of my last week at Superdry., well at least for now. As (almost) everyday we try to make the best of it. This actually means goofing around most of the time, but we do get work done everyday. Remember that working hard doesn't always mean that you've gotta stay serious (I'm just saying). We usually tend to speak English in different accents, such as Russian, German or French ones. We just love doing that. Another thing we really like to do is bringing up memories. I'm not talking about personal memories, but I'm talking about "old" sitcoms. Using quotation marks reminds me of Joey from Friends. I was misusing "air quotes" today too (completely on purpose), because I all of the sudden thought it'd be funny and I wasn't wrong.

Not only Friends was part of today's nostalgic bit, but also Family Matters. I just keep on asking myself why I had to go to the stock to perform my version of "The Urkel". They kept asking me to do it again, but I promised myself to keep it to that one (and last) time. Well, maybe I should do it just one more time for the nostalgic kick. Besides, it sure looks cool the way the others do it, so it's perfectly possible that I might look just like them doing The Urkel. And I just have to mention that almost all of the boys look like young versions of Bill Cosby. To be honest, I'm quite a fan of it because I tend to look like Bill Cosby too sometimes. Although that's what my dad says when I wear an oversized sweater. 

And from Family Matters we hopped to Full House. And I sure couldn't deny that I had a huge teeny tiny crush on John Stamos, or Jesse in the series. With his dark hair, blue eyes and James Dean-inspired bad boy look he sure knew how to charm the 7-yearold me. I'm quite sure I wasn't the only one who fel for the man with the Elvis Presley obsession. He must've broken lots of girls and woman's hearts. Actually I think he still is, because I just saw a pic of him and now I'm pretty sure he still knows how to break hearts. 

What actually surprised me today was the fact that a girl who is one year younger than me didn't know what we were talking about. She really didn't have a single clue. It's pretty weird because she's like a few months younger than I am (I was born in October so it's perfectly possible). Oh well, I'm just gonna have to embrace that fact. Unfortunate for her she didn't get all the jokes we were making. 

Please, enjoy these pictures of my outfit I took while waiting for the bus at the bus stop (of course...). Photographing is a better thing to do than just standing in the rain and yawning like some idiot who didn't get enough sleep (ugly!). So yeah, I didn't take any pictures including my face, just the outfit. 

Thank you, and take care. 

Blazer / Zara
Top / Armor - Lux (vintage)
Jeans / Zara
Creepers / T.U.K. Shoes
Belt / Versace (vintage)
Umbrella / Zara
Nails / Rimmel London

maandag 28 juli 2014

Unicorn Blood

After a whole month of fasting we finally get to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, also called the Sweet Festival. It has been a pretty tough month but I made it, so don't you worry about me. This year again Ramadan sure was a beautiful month of blessings, forgiveness and tolerance. I'll just keep to this, because I'm not really into preaching. It's not really a thing for me to do that. It's mostly because I'm always afraid to say something wrong or offend someone when I talk about religion. So yeah, I'm not gonna go there.

We'll be ending Ramadan the same way we began it: with CHANGE. Remember, no more eating and drinking during the day and stuff. Well, for me the biggest change was no more wearing nail polish. I'm not kidding, I'm dead serious. It's so hard for me not to wear any nail polish especially during summer. It just add a little bit more color to your day (and outfit). And you might've already guessed it... I've polished my nails again after a whole month. Hey, a girl has her priorities. 

Besides you'll never guess what color I polished them (no peaking at the pictures please). I got my inspiration from a few My Little Pony-ponies. These ponies weren't mine because I only like the newest generation of MLP, but they're official property of my baby sister. So, no judging about the My Little Pony-thing. I actually thought they were (and are) pretty cool that's why I just had to take some pics with them (no peaking please). By the way, I like the white pony over the purple one. 

There is only one girl, my dear colleague, who might've already guessed which color will have the honor to cover my nails. Stefania, if you're reading this, thank you allot for giving me this little gift which actually means quite allot to me. 

Now that has happen I can finally unveil the color which I'm quite a huge fan of at the moment. It's SILVER! To the ones who've already peaked: You should be ashamed, very ashamed! To the ones who've waited until I mentioned it myself: Thank you for your patience. The color is retro but futuristic at the same time. This might be because it was one of the '00s most favorited used color (remember Britney Spears in her silver tops and dresses?). Besides that, it also reminds me of UFO's, I really like those. 

Some pictures of me showing off my new nail polish and my sister's MLP-ponies. Oh, and please don't mention the poorly done nails. It's my right hand that has been photographed and I've done that hand with my left had (I'm a righty, you'll probably understand).

Thank you, and take care.

Note: the title is Harry Potter-related. 

donderdag 24 juli 2014

Normcore - Dressing Down Instead Of Up

Last post I told you that I kinda wasn't inspired by today's fashion anymore (by fashion I mean today's contemporary fashion). Well, that's pretty much what norm core is all about according to me. It's sorta what a modernistic fashion style, almost to be called a movement. People just trying to put a clean and neat outfit together. Accessorizing is excessive. That's actually what norm core is all about, I guess. Few people say it's a new hipster movement but I hope it isn't. Not because I don't like hipsters, but rather because that means it would reach its height and then just become tacky. 

The "hipster beard" is a great example, even tough it hasn't that much to do with clothing, but it's style. At this very moment almost every man is walking around wearing a beard while most "hipster guys" are already shaving their beards off. According to some it's because it has reach its height and I'm actually one of those "some". And it's not that I don't like beards or something. It's just that most guys who've started sporting a beard are kinda "wannabe-hipsters" (they just go with the flow). 

Trying to stand out by looking as normal as possible. Pretty ironic, isn't it? Doesn't matter, almost everything carries a bit of irony in it (did I already mention that I'm a huge fan of irony?). I also like to compare this movement in fashion with a literary movement: Avant-garde and Dada. People, in this case fashionista's and fashionisto's, who think fashion has reached it's height so they start wearing ant-fashionable clothing such as Dr. Martens. The same happened in Avant-garde in the 20th Century. (Perhaps I'm thinking to far or just far enough. It's up to you to decide)

So what I basically like about norm core is its simplicity and minimalism. It's mostly about monochrome and I'm (really, really) found of black and white outfits. Besides it's easy to wear because you don't have to wear lots of layers to look refined. Logo-shirts are also back in the game because they make you look sophisticated. And last but not least, sport socks. Not only in sandals but with every shoe. In short, all the wrong things to wear are more than okay.

Oh, and it's not like I'm gonna be a hardcore norm core girl. It's just some style I'll wear whenever I feel like it. So it's not like I'm gonna make it my signature style or something. 

Thank you, and take care

Photography by Craig McDean
Styled by Edward Enninful
Source: W Magazine

woensdag 23 juli 2014

Long time no write | The Pink Affair

Oh gosh, this sure feels pretty weird. After more than a year without writing a single word on this blog I've finally come back. It feels awkward yet good at the same time. Oh, how I've missed writing text in this huge white surface (only few may understand what I'm talking about). The only writing I did was in notebooks (how I adore notebooks). Well, reasons why I didn't blog at all the past year is because I tried to focus on my studies (like mommy told me). And I guess I focused too much on them because at a certain moment I just didn't feel inspired when it comes to fashion. It almost fell like I didn't know who I was or what I wanted to wear to tell people that this is me. After all, I've realized that I still may not know who I am and that's why I can still wear whatever I want. Cheers for being the eclectic me!

This month I found out something about myself lots of people wouldn't except from me or would even hate: I LOVE PINK! Yeah, I know. Strange, isn't it? I used to be a pink hater myself, but pink makes everything look so good (sorry to all the pink-haters who had to read that).  So yeah, I bought two pink jackets at Zara (where else?). And besides, it's not like they're Barbie-pink; one of them is salmon pink and the other one is soft pink. So nope, I won't be walking around like a brunette version of Barbie. I'll post some outfit pictures later on (I'm not quite sure when), because it's like 28 degrees over here (hot, hot, hot!). Wearing a coat is pretty much superfluous. For now I'll just keep it to this collage which is a tribute to my affair with the bubbly color of pink (there ain't no denying: everybody looks good in pink).

Before I leave I want to let you guys know that I'm pretty active on my Facebook-page. So if you want to you can just go ahead and like it if you want to see more of Not So French Fries. I post pictures everyday of things that inspire me and also a song for every day. You can find the page just by clicking here.

Thank you, and take care

And yes, I had to add the rollerskates. They're way too cool to not add them.