zaterdag 7 mei 2016

Do Pandoctors Exist?

Since today, May 7th 2016, I'm part of the list "Pandoc users Authorea" on Twitter (no, this doesn't make me a Pandoc-prophet). The reason why I'm part of this list is very simple: I tweeted about Pandoc. And because most lists get triggered by a, or more, keyword(s) I got automatically added to this list. It began when I started converting a wiki-article, Kenzo Takada more specifically, in markdown or just plain text. I had a hard time trying to convert my article, especially because I just couldn't make head or tail of it (but who does?!). Eventually my hard work did pay off with a nice portfolio post which isn't publicly available, but to be honest I am pretty proud of myself (if that's acceptable?).
I'll be honest with you and admit that I was searching the web for a tutorial during about an hour - maybe an hour and a half, maybe more. It was a pretty fruitless search leading me to think that Mr. Hans Coppens just made it up or something (I was literally this close to quitting). Then I had the exquisite idea of taking a look on Toledo (a closed community for students, professors and other people who go to my university), where I found a tutorial by Mr. Coppens himself (this was supposed to be step one); finally I could start with the real deal. I've gotta say that I did it in a quite unorthodox way, but it's all about the result (this isn't algebra where the formula is more important than the outcome).
As in the tutorial I started by installing Pandoc (after which I got added to that list). Terminal was needed as well to complete the assignment successfully, but I didn't even know where to find the application (perhaps in the file Applications, know-all?). So I used the useful shortcut Command-Spacebar to open Spotlight and search for Terminal. Once found I thought: in all those years I didn't need you, I didn't even notice you and now you're so important in my life (I'm such a drama queen). After this I pretty much deviated a bit from the tutorial because the commando's didn't work when I inserted them, but luckily I found my own way to do this all. You can see what I did in the following plan.

First I saved my wiki-article in Evernote.

Secondly I exported the note, in which my wiki-article was saved, as HTML.

Then I opened this HTML-file in Atom.

After that, I copied everything and pasted it in StackEdit, whereafter I deleted everything outside of the body tags (I also deleted the image).

Thereafter I copied everything in markdown en pasted it in a portfolio post (I added the image later).

I hope that if somebody would try my way of converting they'd get the same result as me, because I know my way isn't the way. It did work out for me, didn't it? Unfortunately I didn't get to work with Pandoc and I do think it's unfortunate. I'd really wanted to feel like a programmer who inserts all those abstract commando's with the enter key as a magic wand to make more weird symbols appear in that small dark box. I guess that'll be for another time.

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